Good Life Tour of the Harn By Pedro Munoz

Medium of Art/Technique of Artist

This art piece done by John Chamberlain was the first piece of art I was when I started my tour through the Harn Museum. This stood out to me mostly because it was such an odd piece. Although I was in the Contemporary Art section of the museum, the colors and just plain peculiarity of this piece made me like it compared to all the other pieces in said gallery. The sculpture is made out of crushed aluminum from cars and made just look in awe how so many vehicles were compacted into this single sculpture. This piece of art made me notice the amount of objects that are thrown away in American culture. I was mostly awe struck comprehending the materials that we used to make this piece and notice the spontaneity in art.

Design of Museum

The exhibit that most appealed to me was the Asian art section. The entire section was decorated with ornate ceramics, imagery depicting deities of varying Asian cultures, and other depictions of life in those areas. The lighting and attention to detail in these art pieces are what made me enjoy it most. All the pieces of art were along the walls in cases and it felt that there the pieces were needed to be treated delicately or they can break. The exhibit also lead to an outdoor piece, and with the beautiful day it was when I went, it looked stunning. The exhibit made me feel curious in these art pieces being that they were from a vastly different culture that I come from.

Art and Core Values

This "Day of the Dead Tree with Figures" was one of the few pieces that appealed to my core values of celebration. This art piece depicts multiple, presumed to be dead, skeletons that are having fun playing on a tree. This representation shows me that even in death, these characters are happy and celebrating their life, or there lack of. This artwork makes me feel that I too can enjoy my life for what it is and still be happy. This art piece also is remnant of a Hispanic cultural event known as the Day of the Dead, of which I can relate to being Hispanic myself. It makes me notice that I truly cherish my culture and my life and I should enjoy it to the fullest.

Art and the Good Life

This Asian Water Garden exhibit strongly conveys the Good Life theme of being one with nature. This piece did so by being an exhibit that seemed other worldly and part of nature even though there was a constantly moving world outside of that space. It felt like I could have sat there for hours just thinking about myself and enjoying my solitude. This exhibit does so by having a small running body of water and different plants around to make it feel like I was one with nature. This added to my appreciation of solitude in nature because it felt serene and allowed me to be one with my own thoughts and think about how good life really is.

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