The Divine a play for sarah bernardt

The Divine is a show about power, culture, work, and pursuit of happiness.

Picture credit: taken from the University of Florida, College of the Arts

When entering the auditorium, the first feeling that struck me was of how small the theatre was. I had imagined a larger stage. Another factor that contributed to this is the location of my seat was, which was in the second row in the middle. I felt like I was very close to the stage, and at first it made me feel a little weird, but once the play began, I appreciated my seat a lot more. When entering the auditorium, I was scared and had a feeling of anxiety. I was told by a friend that I wasn't going to enjoy the play, but to my surprise I did enjoy it. When the lights dimmed and everyone quieted down, I was anxious for the show to start, for I had heard mixed reviews and wanted to determine whether I was going to like it or hate it. I think that for the play the size of the auditorium was perfect, even though I thought it was small, the size fit perfectly with the play, for it did not have any large dance scenes, or anything that required much movement. Leo (a poor boy from the play) and his family lived and worked in tough conditions. Because of their social status, they were held back and lived a hard life. This could have prevented them from seeing and seeking the good life. This is because they constantly had to worry about their safety and the conditions in which they lived.

Taken inside the lobby of theatre.
Taken leaving the theatre after seeing the play.

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I attended the play with two friends. One from high school, and the other one I met at UF in my first year Florida class. Before going to the performance, I set up a time to meet up with my friends and where to met up. I got a notebook, to take notes about the play, and got my phone and keys. Once I met up with my friends, I got excited and we began to take pictures outside the theatre. I think that because I was going with friends, I was more excited about attending the play, and when something sad and happy occurred, I was able to share that experience with them. Another key point, is that now I am able to reminisce and talk to my friends about the play. What we liked, what we didn't and much more. The good life consists of accepting and admiring the world around you. Although many believe that they can do this alone, this journey of the good life is best experience when shared by people close to you and who care for you.

Taken outside the Constans Theatre: before play starts
Leaving the show

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This play takes place in 1905, in Canada. The central issues being addressed throughout this play were the harsh conditions of factories and the harsh and illegal conditions that young children had to work in. Another factor that is talked about is the courage to stand up and confess about being molested and bringing justice to the offender. Throughout the play we see a family struggle and new friendships forming while others break. Before attending the play, I knew that at a time in history, young boys and girls worked in factories to help support their large families, and that because of such harsh conditions, many of these kids died from numerous reason. This performance only reassured and reinstated that children should not be working but going to school, and if they are working, they can not be put in such dangers.

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The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt gives a perfect opportunity for katharsis by making the audience sit back and reflect to an era in history where the conditions were so bad that children were working in dangerous factories, and getting decapitated, while only trying to help their parents make money. This play makes people see that education is an extremely important thing and that it is the responsibility of the parent to support the family and for the child to go to school and excel. This play also touches the issue of courage. It makes people think about their actions and the actions done onto them. It shows that no matter the circumstance justice should always be served and that no matter who you are or what your job is, if you have committed a crime, you should be punished.

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