Bean Heather MacDonald

Personally I am a huge animal person. My boyfriend, Lance, and I were sitting in study one day and I was looking at pictures of baby bunnies on twitter. Jokingly I said to Lance "you should get be a bunny for Valentines day, look how cute they are!" He told me that wasn't going to happen and my parents simply wouldn't allow it. I knew he was right, but the thought of it was still cool. This girl sitting in front of me turned around and told us that if I was being serious about wanting a bunny she had some that she was trying to find homes for. About a week later we went to see them and pick one out. All of the bunnies looked gray or brown except for one. There was one little orange bunny and I knew that one was the one. We had to wait 4 more weeks to bring him home, so the suspense was very intense. The day we went to go pick him up was by far the most exciting day that I've had in a long time. When I go off to school next year Bean will be coming with me so I have at least one friend while I'm there.

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