Five Ways to Practice Self-Love By: Cosette zielinski

Life can move fast. It’s easy to put ourselves on a back burner in favor of the to do list. We may be experiencing frustration, irritability or just don't feel well in general. We may even feel like our life has little meaning or purpose. So how do we make ourselves a priority with all of life’s obligations and distractions? The answer- loving yourself more through every aspect of life.

Notice the negative self-talk. Self-deflating thoughts about the future or regrets pertaining the past can tend to rule our minds. To lessen these often-incessant thoughts, take notice of them. Set aside some time each day where you become an outsider of your own thoughts. When you have a negative thought, notice it and try turn it around into a positive one.

Believe in yourself. Self-doubt, disappointment and past failures can prevent us from pursuing the things we want in life. We can easily lose faith in ourselves when we experience setbacks. In order to be successful when it comes to your goals, use those past failure or obstacles as a learning experience. It’s never easy to keep sticking our necks out, for love, for a new or better job, for growth, but when we do, we increase our self-worth and motivation. Believe in yourself, your skills, talents and values, in spite of discouragement and criticism from others.

Practice self-care. Taking care of our body, mind and soul is critical when it comes to loving ourselves. Dedicating some time for daily self-care can be life changing. Do little things: exercise, meditate, get your hair done, go for a walk, etc. When practicing all of these self-care techniques, it will increase your confidence, health and love towards yourself.

Visualize the life that you want. To love ourselves means going after our personal goals and desires. Sometimes, it may seem that our dreams elude us. The reason could be that our thoughts and feelings are not in alignment with what we want. Creative visualization, a technique of using your imagination to help create what you want in life, can be a powerful tool to correct this misalignment.

Take action on what you want. Chasing after our dreams is a big act of self-love. You first need to identify what you want and then plan a strategy on how to get there. Then with focused, determined action, you’ll feel better about yourself. Soon you will be making good progress and have the momentum to keep going. If you hold the vision of what you want to achieve in your mind and be unstoppable in its pursuit, you will succeed.

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