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The purpose of this training website is to have the staff (Teachers, Paraprofessionals) at Jordan School District have intermediate formatting skills in Google Docs, which will better assist the students at Jordan School District. This training will have 4 videos, totaling 5 minutes 18 seconds. The guide for the training can be found here:

The following goals are expected to be met within this training:

  • Staff will be able to format a research paper with double spacing format
  • Staff will be able to demonstrate knowledge of how to insert page numbering
  • Staff will be able to demonstrate understanding of when to place in headers
  • Staff will be able to provide evidence of comprehension of using the hanging indent when creating citations


  • Is the training easily accessible?
  • Is the training cross platform?
  • Is the training available on multiple formats(desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device)?
  • Does the training appeal to the end user?
  • Does the training utilize the multimedia principles?
  • Does the training provide an opportunity for professional growth?
  • Does the training provide the enough information in a timely fashion to honor the Teachers and Paraprofessionals time?


Multimedia Principles utilized & Effective Strategies:

The principles of multimedia are present (written text, video, and audio). The modality principle was utilized by the audio narration, which was demonstrated when their were multiple ways shown to complete each task. Having the Google Docs window show provided the learners a visual demonstration on how to implement the various tasks. I feel having shown multiple ways to accomplish the task was well detailed.

Areas for improvement:

The videos could have had used a highlighting arrow or circle to give users a heads up on where to click, to show main areas. The first video had some music playing instead of audio. In future, I would like to use an example of what an actual research paper would look like, instead of different "text" examples, this would be probably more effective for students who would like to see an end product.


WHY WAS THIS HELPFUL? I believe this was helpful for my organization because it allowed all staff(teaching & support) to be on the same page when offering assistance to students regarding an essential skill that seems to get overlooked because it seems "to easy". It also was respectful of the staff(teaching & support) time, as the videos just focused on what was the necessary tasks & skills needed to be successful and meet the goals of the training.


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