The Snow Leopard Panthera uncia

The Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia) is a large cat that was listed in 2008 as endangered, in the last two generations (16 years) of Snow Leopards, the population has dropped by 20%. There are an estimated 4,000-6,000 mature individuals left in the wild.

The large paws of the Snow Leopard allow it to walk on top of the snow.

The main factors that contribute to the declining population of Snow Leopards include but are not limited to: a declining prey base, illegal poaching, and conflict with local people. Overall lack of conservation awareness is another major issue facing this animal.

Small villages like these kill Snow Leopards for their own safety.

Snow Leopards are restricted the mountains of Central Asia which spread into nearly a dozen countries but mostly are found within China. There they most commonly hunt blue sheep and ibex as well as hares and other small game.


In 2012 the Kyrgyzstan Head of State initiated a ministry level effort to create the Global Snow Leopard Ecosystem Protection Plan. This is designed to increase the leopard population by securing and monitoring 20 separate populations by 2020.

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