Antigone Film Review For the CHATTANOOGA Film Review

The current remake of "Antigone" made its way to our local Chattanooga film festival and my job as a judge at the Chattanooga film festival is to critique this film.

First off the setting of the play is a modern day interpretation of Thebes. Its in a large, modern city of the same name. The plot is more or less the same as the original, but as stated before is put in modern times. I would compare is to the modern day interpretation of "Romeo and Juliet" in that it is a modern day interpretation of an original play.

The Actress who played Antigone did an amazing job portraying the character. The way she acted made it abundantly clear that she had a deep understanding of the character and knew all her motives for her actions.

The only really bad thing i have to say about that film is the acting of the actors who played Ismene and Haemon. Their acting was uninspired and really brought the film down a couple of notches.

Despite this, I did select the film to receive recognition because of the amazing acting of the actors other than the two previously mentioned. Also the small changes to the story because of the setting were expertly done. For example, in the original play the place where Antigone was banished to was a cave, but in this new version it was in an abandoned building. little updates to the story based on the new setting really set this film over the edge and made it, in my opinion, the best film at this years Chattanooga film festival.

By: Jacob C. Woodlief

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