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With five full-length studio releases (number 6 on the way) and a number of other bonus material and split records, Nowherebound has firmly established themselves as one of Austin, Texas' most prolific and hard-working bands. Embracing the DIY punk ethos and combining it with the natural songwriting talents of its members, Nowherebound has successfully built themselves not only as local barroom heroes, but as premier punk-rock mainstays internationally boasting several successful European tours and an extensive recorded catalog. Their sixth studio album, "Mourning Glory" is set to coincide with another European tour for the summer of 2018.

Nowherebound is (left to right): Clint Baker (bass), Chelsea Barbo (guitars and keys), Natchet Taylor (guitars), Chris Klinck (vocals), Dylan Karn (guitars), and Robert Williamson (drums).


Musical magnets for each other, this six piece punk rock band ignited in 2010. They sing to you all over the world but always return home to their roots in Austin, Texas. Nowherebound integrates traditional punk with rock n’ roll while weaving in threads of gritty country and folk. Being a band composed of several songwriters, Nowherebound runs the gamut of punk rock, combining musical influences and styles into a blend that is all their own. The songs may vary but Nowherebound's themes remain the same. Tales of loss, love, brotherhood and life on the road abound as audiences continue to be won over by the sing-along anthemic sway and Irish-Folk swagger the band is now well-known for. Nowherebound is a six-piece band including vocalist Christopher Klinck, guitarist Natchet Taylor, bassist Clint Baker, guitarist and keyboardist Chelsea Barbo, guitarist Dylan Karn and drummer Rob Williamson.

Full biography along with band and press information can be found at: nowhereboundband.com


For more videos and fun with Nowherebound, please visit their YouTube Channel at: www.youtube.com/c/Nowherebound


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European Management and Booking: Alex Boldt - phone: +49 160 96216000 - email: incisionbooking.alex@gmail.com

US Management and Booking: management@nowhereboundband.com

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