Ojo por Ojo second part storyboard

Tati opens her door, but there is nobody out there. Low angle, Medium shot.
She turns the outdoor lights on. Close up of the light switch.
The lights reveal Hernando holding a knife. Extreme wide shot.
Tati gets some wine and goes to her room. Notice she only gets one glass. Medium shot.
In Tati's bathroom we see a clock. It is 11:00 pm. Remember she said she had plans at 7:00pm. Close up of the watch.
Tati is in her bathroom touching up. When suddenly... Medium Shot.
Lights go out.
Tati gets a flashlight. When she turns it on, we see female bloody clothes laying on her bathroom. Remember that Hernando kill her boyfriend, he didn't kill any girl. Low angle shot.
Tati hears sounds around the house and decides to check them out. Over the shoulder.
She couldn't find anything, so she goes back to her closet to find a weapon. She hears a sound outside. Medium shot- wide shot.
She goes check out the sound. When she sees out the window. We see that Hernando is right behind her. Medium shot.

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