COM60203-0324965/Rediscovering the ingenuity of youth

A Cluster of Love

Born in New Zealand, raised all over the world - my name is Aaron Lim Jit Yang, and photography is something I love. Putting the viewfinder on one eye, carefully following the subject at the moment right before you press the shutter... It's moments like these when the photo comes alive on the screen where I feel great.

Selfies in the Sun

Exercise 1: Rediscovering the Ingenuity of Youth

Here's my contribution to the theme of youth ingenuity - a photo of students from photography class using the natural lighting of the sun to take more flattering photos of themselves for the class roster. And of course, taking ample time to make sure the photo turned out well too!

  • f/2.0
  • 1/120
  • ISO100
Created By
Aaron Lim


Photographed by Aaron Lim

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