Salad Fingers Art Robot Invention report by: colby

My partners for this project were Emma and Adam. We decided to make a Salad Fingers robot because we all like salad fingers.

This was our first sketch

Our plan started as we wanted to have a beam in between two thin cardboard boxes that moved back and forth with three salad fingers on it. We’d put down a piece of paper in between the two boxes and put paint on the fingers. The fingers would move back and forth on the paper making paint streaks.

We tried making the fingers by wrapping tin foil around a paint brush and painting the foil green, but it was difficult to completely cover the foil because it was so crumpled up. So we decided to rethink our plan.

For some reason, Ashley had a white foam cutout of a three-fingered-hand that she gave to us. We decided to paint that green and stick a wooden stick into it.

Then we thought we should make that hand slap a piece of paper and make hand prints. We figured out how to make a motor spin up and down and put a gear on it and tried to glue the foam hand’s stick onto that gear so the hand will move up and down. However, the foam hand was too heavy and wouldn’t stay on the gear without falling off.

We decided to make the hand cutout using the craft foam so that the hand will be lighter. We made two of them and glued a stick in between them.

We used the same plan as with the actual foam hand, except this time when we glued on the stick, it actually stayed.

I thought that we should make a cardboard box and make a slit going up the middle and put the motor in it and have the circuit board and all the wires back in the box. It was a little bit difficult to get the motor with the spinning part sticking out and the box part of it behind the cardboard wall, but we eventually managed to squeeze it in there.

When we tested it, it was too hard to put paint just directly onto the hand, so we just put two different colors onto a piece of paper and let the hand mix them to make a different color when it came down. We found that the paint splatters and it launches little blobs of paint when the hand comes up and down. In this picture, we put down blue and red paint and the hand mixed it into purple.

When we made the coding, we made a button that makes the hand start going up and down, a button that makes it go faster and a button to stop it. The slower button stops for half a second every time it goes all the way up or down. The faster button stops for one tenth of a second every time.

When we were pulling up the tape,it ripped in places :p

One of the two pieces of art that we made was a piece of paper that we put strips of masking tape on in a diagonal pattern, then squirted red, blue and purple paint on. We then let the hand mix them. Once it was done, we removed the tape to reveal stripes of the three mixed colors.

While this was happening, we held up another piece of paper in front of the paint that was being splattered and since there was a few different colors being splattered, it made a kind of cool looking piece of art and we didn’t really even make that piece on purpose. We just held the piece of paper there so the paint wouldn't splatter onto us. Haha.

These are our two final pieces of art.

This is Mckayla, Madison and Spencer's art robot. It was interesting to see how they were using paint differently fro us. They put paint brushes inside Donald Trump's arms and made them spin, whereas we used a piece of foam to spread and mix paint. From them, I learned a different technique on how to paint a painting robot.

I think our invention was very successful. It's not really the prettiest robot, but it works and makes interesting art. There were a few days where the robot stopped working and we thought there was a coding error and we couldn't figure it out. But now we know there was probably something wrong with our circuit board because that's what Mr. Mickelson told us.

Maybe next we could make some sort of vechical using motors and sensors?

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