Journey Log Ten Emma Johnston

This past week, I focused a lot on my historical build. I knew that I wanted to do something different, and a specific building did not come to mind. When it came to actually doing my historical build, I just had the idea to do the Eiffel Tower. My room at my house is Paris themed, so I thought it would be fitting to do the Eiffel Tower. I did not start out researching the dimensions or the correct number of blocks based on previous builds. I decided that I wanted it to be 100% my own work, and rely on my own creativity to do the project. I think that overall it turned out really well. I wanted to incorporate different aspects into my build, and try and get all of the intricate designs. I started with a rough outline of how I wanted to build it and went off of that for my entire thing. After I was done, I think it really turned out to look just like the Eiffel Tower.

After thinking about my historical design again, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself more and do a second project. Even thought I had built the entire thing, and edited a video, I wanted to do even more that would show my best work. I know that I could do something more challenging that would prove that I can do more than just the Eiffel Tower.

I still am proud of what I did for this raid, but I want to do more than just this. Here is the video that I made.


Created with images by chiefhardy - "paris eiffel tower architecture"

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