History and Wildlife Enjoy the Natural Beauties of Barumini and Giara

You’ll be picked up from port between or your accommodation at 9:00-9:30 am. The pick-up for Cruise Ship Guest will be picked up as we agreed via e-mail. We’ll take you on a sight-seeing tour through the beautiful Sulcitana. You’ll be able to witness Macchiareddu’s natural salt flats and lagoons, then proceed North-East past the Campidano Plains towards the magnificent Marmilla Valley.

Sardinian Sheeps

Our tour continues as we reach Villamar, a local village that is full of Sardinia secrets only we can show you. You can spend some time viewing incredible murals that depict Sardinian history and culture, as well as number art pieces that portray the local lifestyle.

Murales Art in Sardinia

After some leisure time relaxing and having a cup of delicious local coffee, we’ll take you to Castello di Las Plassas, a castle ruins that sits at the bottom of a legendary volcano formation.

The castle of Las Plassas

Our historic tour continues as we arrive at Su Nuraxi di Barumini, only a few minutes away from Las Plassas. Currently, Su Nuraxi is the world’s foremost Bronze Age fortress, known as a “nuraghe.” This historic fort was built around the year 1,500 B.C., and is now recognized by UNESCO as being a world heritage site. You’ll be given a tour both inside and outside of the fortress, allowing you to experience a little of what it was like living in that era. Imagine how the Sardinian people lived and flourished as they defended their land against ancient hostiles.

Su Nuraxi

Giara di Gesturi is our next destination, a secret Sardinia region made up of a volcanic platform that erupted quite some time ago. Due to the eruptions, Giari is now home to a beautiful cork and oak tree forest that is home to hundreds of wild horses, as well as magnificent water masses that surround the area.

Visiting this Sardinian beauty is truly one of the most fantastic things to do in Barumini. Enjoy the majestic power of Giari and make some memories. We’ll provide a tour of the nature in the area, filled with information about all of the flora and animals that are local to the region. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature by learning about the wild horses, pigs, eagles, hawks, cows, wild boars, sheep, goats, and feral cats that roam Giari; as well as the wild asparagus, wild garlic, oak trees, cork trees, myrtle, lemon balm, arbutus, iris, orchids, cistus, and cyclamen. You’ll find the diversity to be absolutely breathtaking.

Ready for escape
Singular in the world

Once you’ve relaxed a bit at this impressive natural formation, we’ll take you to have some lunch. You’ll enjoy a picnic of local-style sandwiches and true Sardinian red wine. After you enjoy your meal, we’ll take you on an easy hike around the area. It will be filled with spectacular views of the Gennargentu and Iglesiente mountains, as well as the rocky-ridged Mount Arcuentu. This jaw-dropping sight on its own is a reason why one should travel in Sardinia. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, fit for all types of travelers.

Fantastic Sardinian Wine under the cork trees

As we begin driving back to Marmilla Valley, we’ll stop by Domus de Janas, one of Sardinia’s oldest burial monuments. This 2,800 B.C. structure will fill you with historical appreciation, and will be a beautiful way to end your Sardinia tour.

Domus de Janas

Please note that if you book with us you don't see only the Nuraghe site like on the tours you can book on board, but you see also the Domas the Janas (grave of the stone age), a giant tomb, a ancient shepherd house and the beautiful wild horses of the Giara.

Pictures on what you are going to see
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