Gender Equality By:Angel Jaimes

what is gender equality? Gender equality is how people get treated by their gender. It’s a problem to girls and boys because they don’t get treated right they get treated wrong this is a problem today to because they think man are better but we are all living beings and men get more money then women and men have more job option then men for work my issue isthat my mom gets treated wrong sometimes and makes less money than a men would which is not fair if they have the same job and do the same hard they should get payed the same but men get payed more thats not realy fair

picture of 50 years ago

women 50 years ago had no rights they had to stay at home and clean also take care of the children. They couldn't own a business without their husband's permission. They spent 55 hours a week in domestic chores their husband’s controlled them and 38% american women were largely limited to work on being a teacher, nurse, or secretary.

probably the future

Predict what it will be like for this group of people 50 years from now. What new rights or freedoms will this group of people be able to experience? gender equality will probably will be gone because people are going to realise that we are all the same we are all people i think women will have the same rights as men and that robots will be made faster because women will help the men make the robots and some men and women will be better at being a doctor or nurse even they might be some more women will elect to be presidents and we all get treated easily and we will be in the future faster with human robots and flying cars in 50 years. Also donald trump might die but before he does he will probably bring the 50 years ago life back to people and start war but hopely people see the stupidness in him and stop him and the future awaits.

susan b anthony

This may seem hard to believe in today's America, but women have not always had equal rights before the law as men. In particular they weren't allowed to even vote! Susan B. Anthony was a very intelligent woman who felt that women should have the same rights as men. She saw this in the work place first where she was making about one fourth what a man would make for the same job. This didn't seem right to her. She became involved in trying to get the government to let women vote and to enact laws that women should have equal rights with men. At first she would speak at conventions and meetings. Then she helped run a civil rights newspaper, with fellow women's activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, called The Revolution. To continue her fight for women's suffrage, Susan B. Anthony voted in the November 1872 elections. This was illegal at the time and she was fined $100 for voting. She refused to pay the fine. Her defiant act of voting turned out to be great way spread the word that women should fight for the right to vote. Together with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan founded the National Women's Suffrage Association in 1869. It was through this organization that Anthony would work to get women the right to vote. She devoted the next 37 years of her life to this effort. During this time, Susan made considerable progress, but it would take another 14 years after she died for women to get the right to vote. On August 18, 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified to the Constitution. It said everyone had the right to vote regardless of gender. Susan had first introduced this amendment in 1878.


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