Midterm Year 2 Highlights

My name is Jacob Davis, I'm 17 years old and I've had a passion for taking pictures even since I was little. My parents have always encouraged my love for taking pictures and will support me 100% if I decide to pursue it. My favorite areas of photography probably have to be long exposure (including light painting) and pictures that tell a story.

Day in a Life

My challenges were, I assume like everyone else's, actually finding something interesting to take pictures of and or making things look interesting. When you're walking from class to class it starts to get really difficult to find anything even remotely interesting, especially when you have multiple classes in the buildings. The reason why these represent my best shots because not only are they crisp but they're not normal either. They are kind out of the way and don't normally think of them as a way to represent someone's day.


Throughout this year I have realized that I have a love for the more abstract side of photography. Taking pictures of things that are exactly as popular as they should be. For example my friend Nick has made me fall in love with long exposure shots, especially light painting. Also I've realized I also really like silhouette pictures with a splash of color in the background. Plus with my recent love of these styles of photography, I find myself going out at night a lot of the times so it limits me to the weekends a lot of the time. I want to start getting into galaxy shots as well because those look so beautiful. Basically I just love to look at pictures like these and be able to call them mine.


My struggle with the home pictures was actually finding something interesting and or more importantly, making things look interesting. My house isn't really all too exciting nor is it that big so I really struggled with this, more than normal. An idea I think would make for a cool homework idea that everyone could do would be color. You have to take 5 pictures of something related to or that is colorful, that way it also opens up the ideas for what you can take pictures of and doesn't restrict you to materialistic things or people.

Portraits of Classmates

I think what makes a good portrait is displaying some sort of emotion, making sure your subjects have good lighting, and also making sure your settings are perfect as to assure your pictures are in sharp focus. The reason why I think these are good portraits, even though I wish I could've made the shadow darker on the far left picture, is because the subjects are well lit according to what I was trying to go for with the light placement, they all show different levels of emotion and I think that allows for diversity and keeps things interesting , and also they are all in nice clean crisp focus..


I revisited color splash because to me it is a lot of fun and can create some very abstract and interesting pictures if you can do it right. Something new I learned was that since there is so much color in the world being very creative and strategic about what you choose to take a picture of and what you choose to color splash is very important in making interesting color splash pictures. I didn't really do anything different the second time around, it was pretty much the same process as the first time I did this two years ago.


The purpose of taking these photos was to find the best way to represent the meanings of each word they stood for. The story behind the far right picture is 2 people being able to get along and come to terms with a deal and respect one another. The story behind the middle picture is a team coming together the plan out a strategy to win the game. And the story behind the far right picture is a young girl persevering and working as hard as she can to earn the black belt she so desperately wants.

My Year

So far this year has been my favorite of the 2 years I've taken photography, it has really expanded my upon what I already know and has vastly opened up many possibilities for me. I think I've done really well with my time management this year, usually being one of the first if not he first one done with almost every project leaving me with plenty of time to fine tune my projects and do research and offer any sort of help I can to make the class a little easier for everyone else. I've learned that every kind of photography requires a level of creativity to some extent and that is something I'm probably going to struggle with quite a bit, however I have definitely improved upon my knowledge of a camera and my ability to quickly change each setting to adjust the image and get the best picture I possibly can. My 3 goals for this class are to 1. Pass the class with an A in scholarship and an E in citizenship, which I plan to achieve by continuing to do exactly what I'm doing now 2. Find new and interesting ways to takes pictures and discover new kinds and forms of photography, which hopefully through the different projects, ideas, and opportunities presented to me in class I will be able to find plenty and 3. To figure out whether I want to pursue this hobby in college and possibly turn it into a job later down the line, so far I'm already leaning towards doing that and attending the Arts Institute right down the road and I'm positive that by the end of the year I'll be 100% on board with that idea.

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