The Warming of the Earth What can we do?

Global warming is effecting so many things, not only in the Midwest, but all over the world.

Ways We can Prevent Global Warming:

  1. One way we could help try to prevent further global warming is to try to conserve energy as much as we can. For example, you can use solar panels to make energy. Or, instead of turning on lights when you go into a room, open a window and use the natural light.
  2. Droughts are occurring more frequently than they did a few years ago, with the carbon dioxide that we send into the air everyday, just doing our daily routines, we weaken the atmosphere. And the sun’s rays are forcing their way down and causing the world to heat up. Causing the major droughts that are sweeping the nations. We can fix this by either walking more, or just by taking shorter showers. By doing this we are able to save our water supplies and save the atmosphere.
  3. We need to try and reduce the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The quality of our air is poor and projected to worsen. The increase in greenhouse gasses such as carbon will do things like increase the amount of heat trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. The increase in greenhouse gases can also do things like, ocean acidification, smog pollution, and ozone depletion. We could decrease the amount of greenhouse gases by doing things like decreasing the amount of cars powered by fuel on our roads and maybe add more electric ones. Or maybe we could eliminate cars all together and just ride bikes or walk.
  4. Energy is required to extract, treat, and transport water to make it safe and accessible to homes and businesses treating dirty water takes energy which releases more carbon to the air we can fix this by eliminating water pollution and use different forms of non electrical water purification.

By: Ashley Selvage, Maddie Whitten, Kolton Gilbert, Toby Catron


Created with images by Atmospheric Infrared Sounder - "Russian Fires and Pakistan Floods" • Atmospheric Infrared Sounder - "U.S. 2011 Heat Wave: Surface Air Temperature Anomaly, Night" • SupportPDX - "Crops" • Skitterphoto - "livestock cow cattle"

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