Team Golf Lab 2021 Membership Start playing your best today

Start Playing Your Best Today

Being a member of Team Golf Lab at King Valley is more than just taking golf lessons. It is the only program of its kind that offers amateur golfers the opportunity to be coached like a PGA Tour player.

Our scientific-based programs are world-class and generate performance improvement to golfers everywhere, but most importantly IT’S FUN!

Four Pillars of Performance


Each golfer will have their own personal Key Performance Indicator (KPI) within the technical pillar and all training will focus on it's improvement with a higher focus in the offseason.


It is essential for every athlete to have properly fit equipment. All clubs will be assessed to ensure they have the correct lie, loft, length, weight, and flex. As a golfer’s swing evolves so too must the clubs.


Learning to hit a variety of shot shapes, as well as their practical application on course, is an important advantage to enrolling in a Coaching Program. The improved summer access to King Valley Golf Club will allow vast improvement due to increased contact time at outdoor practices.


Each golfer will have their own personalized physical training program, driven by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) body screens from their Baseline Testing. The physical program will help facilitate improvement of each golfers KPI.

What is a Membership?

Student Interview

Baseline Testing

  • 2 hours of in-depth data collection to get a starting point of where you are today
  • Physical/body function - TPI movement screens
  • Club delivery and ball flight - Foresight GCQuad launch monitor
  • Optimum power sources / ground reaction forces - Swing Catalyst 3D Balance Plate
  • Swing dynamics - 3D on GEARS or K-Coach

Private Coaching

  • 6 sessions

On Course Coaching

  • 3 sessions
  • 3 holes per session with targeted objectives

Club Optimization

  • 2 hours

Putter Optimization

  • 1 hour

Wedge Calibration

  • 1 hour

Gapping Analysis

  • 1 hour


  • Published monthly
  • Academy updates, member services, equipment and education

Online Coaching Session (New Addition)

  • 3 Sessions
  • At home drills for the off season
  • Supervised through Zoom

Monthly Webinar During The Off Season (New Addition)

  • Specific topic each month
  • Drills to do at home

What is Membership? (Cont'd)

Open Range Sessions

  • Supervised practice session
  • 1 per week from May – September

Special Clinics

  • Unique experiences exclusive for our members
  • Specific, in-depth, advanced skill development
  • Globally-recognized guest instructors

Coach Now

  • Access to a personal training space
  • An app we use to store your assessment results, session summaries, online analysis and track your results

Global Network

  • Access to an exclusive team of coaches who are globally recognized and are experts in their specific fields

Golf Lab University (New Addition)

  • Free access to members
  • Current library includes: Torque, Power, Gareth Raflewski - Putting...

Focus on What Really Matters... Your Score

“I started working with Carson 3 years ago having never broken 85 at King Valley, last year I broke 80 for the first time and have done it 6 times this year. My index is down to a 5 from 14 and I feel like my swing is on auto-pilot. I understand how to make shots happen and it goes so much further” - Yannick Bigourdan – King Valley Member
“In the year and a half I’ve been here I’ve lost 5 off my index! It’s not just about the swing it’s learning how not to turn 1 bad shot into 3! Carson has really helped me understand how f%!#$ing hard this game is but how to overcome the challenges” - Brad Gilliland – Kings Riding Member
“I always thought I knew a lot about the game of golf, having taken lessons from some great teachers. Then I met Liam who changed my thinking about the game. I call him a golf nerd, but he is truly a real guru!!!!!” - Steve Wise - King Valley Member
"I wanted to take my game to the next level, but knew I lacked the knowledge and awareness of how to do so. The Golf Lab has the methodology, technology and most importantly - the ability to explain/teach in a way that allows the golfer to understand and manage their own unique golf swing. I'm happy to say that I've reached and exceeded all my goals that were set out in the initial plan" - Jason Vanmali - CPGA Member 2020 Class

Get Optimized like a Pro

Every one of our members gets the same optimization experience as the PGA Tour players we work with. We don’t just “fit” the club, we optimize every key performance characteristic.

Brand Agnostic

  • The Golf Lab has no bias towards any single Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • We have strong relationships with all the major OEMs

Speed Set Testing

  • Single variable isolation procedure: length, weight, flex, grip, centre of gravity
  • On average a player gains 4% of distance!

Maximize Your Equipment

Ensuring your equipment is finely tuned is vital to good golf.

Each member is put through a variety of services.

  • Gapping process to ensure their yardages are consistent throughout their bag.
  • Lies and loft will be adjusted on site as part of the service. Each student will be provided with their average carry distance with each club.
  • Wedge calibration to ensure they know what their yardages are on full and partial wedge shots.
  • Putter optimization to ensure the proper impact location and optimal roll.
Andrew Putnam – First PGA Tour win the week after his gapping session at The Golf Lab!

Physical - Our Capabilities

Liam Mucklow is on the TPI Advisory Board and is a frequent presenter at the World Golf Fitness Summit and the Scientific Congress of Golf. He is also an instructor for the TPI Power Level 2 Certification program.

Both Carson Hau and Jonny Collins are TPI Level 1 certified instructors.

Leveraging our strong network within the golf industry, The Golf Lab has access to several leading edge golf specific movement trainers.

"A golf designated fitness professional, conducted a physical assessment and designed a customized, golf-specific, fitness program. The goal was to allow my body to properly move within the golf swing, and also help prevent injury. My golf coach understood my physical limitations and capabilities. Technical changes absolutely took into consideration my ability to achieve the required positions in the swing. The integration of the two worlds of golf & fitness helped lower my golf handicap. Despite being 65+ years old, I am playing the best golf of my life." - Ron Pukowsky – Grandview Member

The Golf Lab - Our Approach

  • Developed its education systems by tracking the performance of over 2000 golfers
  • Over 1,000,000 tracked shots, 3D motion capture, physical performance information and statistics
  • Developed scientifically quantifiable processes in club fitting and coaching with technology.
  • Able to quantify changes instantly!
  • Optimized and improved Major Championship winners, PGA Tour Professionals, World Long Drive Champions and Mini-Tour players from all over the world.


The Golf Lab at King Valley is one of the worlds most technologically advanced game improvement facilities.

Our facility is designed to make a golfer better faster.

Golf Lab members have access to an exclusive combination of leading edge technology tools including:

Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor
GEARS Golf Full Body and Club 3D Motion Analysis
Swing Catalyst Pressure and Balance Plates
K-Motion Biofeedback

Special Clinics

An exclusive offer to our members to learn from the best in the game.

  • Specialized advanced skill develop focused clinics

Past guest coaches include:

Tristan Mullally - one of the worlds leading Short Game experts and has worked with Major Champions like Graeme McDowell and Brooke Henderson. Women’s Team Canada coach.
Matt Wilson - Director of Instruction at Baltusrol, former Director of Next Generation Performance at Golf Canada, and former Head Coach for Team Canada’s Ladies National Jr Development program.
Ben Silverman – Korn Ferry Tour Player and former PGA Tour Player
Gauti Gretarsson - Trained athlete’s in multiple sports for the Icelandic Olympic team.

Aimpoint Putting Clinic

The Golf Lab is a certified AimPoint Express instructor. Learn how to be more effective and efficient in green reading... make more putts!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in an Open Range session?

  • Focused skills and drills for both Long Game and Short Game
  • On course strategy
  • Held at the back range at King Valley Golf Club

What is a private coaching session?

  • 45 minute session with your coach reviewing progress on your personal performance plan
  • May be on the Range or the Course

What is a Baseline Test?

  • It is our Trademarked skills assessment we use to develop your personal performance plan
  • Every Baseline is reviewed by Liam Mucklow to determine your Key Performance Indicators

Frequently Asked Questions (Cont'd)

What is wedge calibration?

  • Defining wedge carries for full, ¾ and ½ shots for all your wedges
  • Distances written on the wedge so you remember!

What is putter optimization?

  • Lie and loft of your current putter are adjusted to optimize your roll
  • Ensuring stroke mechanics match the putter characteristics to create the optimal roll and alignment of your putter
  • Impact location is optimized for consistent speed control

What happens during the monthly webinar?

  • Specific topic is covered each month to educate our members
  • Understand the benefits that you can expect to see for the given topic
  • Receive drills that can be done at home to improve the skill discussed
Carson Hau discussing face control with the putter


Additional benefits of membership:

  • 50% off additional Private Coaching
  • Discounts on Custom Equipment
  • Access to Liam Mucklow for Private Coaching (availability limited)
  • During season, access to driving range. Additionally, when available use of launch monitor.

Membership is limited to 40 people!

Membership Tuition - $2700

Meet The Team

Liam Mucklow, Founder and CEO

Liam is a two time National Award winner with the PGA of Canada and sits on numerous Advisory Boards, including TPI. He currently works with multiple players on various professional tours and certifies coaches around the world. Liam launched Team Golf Lab in 2013 in an effort to help golfers improve faster by training smarter.

Carson Hau, Managing Partner

Carson is responsible for all aspects of the day to day operations at King Valley. He was named PGA of Ontario Apprentice Professional of the Year in 2019. Spending time certifying golf professionals around the world in the use of technology for coaching and club fitting. In 2020 Carson was named a SwingCatalyst ambassador. He primarily coaches members ensuring they understand how to practice effectively and play smart. He is a club fitting expert, spending time with head engineers and tech companies has given him the knowledge to pin point where opportunities are. Having spent time on a PGA Tour Van building clubs for the pros, Carson now spends his time optimizing, and custom building clubs for Golf Lab members. He meticulously watches over the Lab and ensures our members get full benefit from our state-of-the-art facility.

Jonny Collins, Jr Program Lead, Technology and Equipment Technician

Jonny will be deploying many of our testing protocols and equipment services such as gapping sessions and wedge calibrations.. He will also be available at the Lab, via appointment or during open range giving our members added Golf Lab staff availability.In 2017, he joined the PGA of Canada and is now pursuing coaching and player development.

For More Information

Carson Hau

  • carson@mygolflab.ca
  • 289-271-5767