James Joyce By Alexander Oruci

Writing Style

James Joyce was an Irish novelist and poet. He was a part of the modernist avant-garde movement and is also regarded as one of the most important and influential authors of the 20th century.

In his novel Dubliners, Joyce uses sentimentality, journalistic precision, and conversational "street slang." In his novel Ulysses, Joyce employs a Stream-of-Consciousness style which he is known for. He used this style in order to provide a textual equivalent to the stream of a fictional character's consciousness, thus creating the impression they we, the reader, are eavesdropping on the flow of conscious experience in the character's mind, thereby gaining direct, intimate and unmediated access to their personal, private "thoughts."

Major Themes

Some of the themes Joyce employs in his works include the prision of routine, the desire for escape, the intersection of life and death, the quest for paternity, lightness and darkness, and parallax.

List of Works

  • Dubliners
  • Finnegans Wake
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  • Ulysses
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