Alliance Students Pursuing Presence. Propelling Passion.

Pursue Presence

Within all of us there is a desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves... To have friends that help you be a better you, to belong to a group that not only makes you a better person, but you can make them better as well.

Alliance Students desires to pursue being present in the lives of students because we believe that we all can make each other better by following the lead of Jesus.

Jesus's primary method of helping people was focused on being WITH them. Him being present was the work.

Five Things Jesus did to train others, specifically the disciples:

  1. Walked, a lot (day-to-day living life together)
  2. Visited big cities (missions trips)
  3. Sailed & Fished (transportation and work)
  4. Prayed in the dessert and on mountains (unplugged from world, plugged into God)
  5. Worshipped in the synagogues and temples (making God greater, humbling ourselves)

This is not a complete list, but we can learn the ways the disciples trained by looking at Jesus's ministry overall.

Knowledge is gained in relationship before it is understood by teaching.

Think about how you learn to do anything...

I'm trying to learn to golf right now. I can listen to golf gurus all day, but if I don't go out and swing the club, I will never get rid of my terrible slice...

The same is true in life. We can tell students how God wants them to live, but if we don't show them personally, they will struggle to apply the things we teach. Teach by doing, then by telling.

I have found this statement to be true in my life and I believe this is why Jesus trained the disciples through relationship, not lecture alone:

Teaching does not always mean personal growth. Relationships activate growth naturally.

Propel Passion

All people have something they are passionate about.

  • Music
  • Art
  • News
  • Politics
  • Helping others
  • Family
  • Social Justice
  • Feeding the hungry

Alliance Students desires to direct and enhance passions toward the glory of Jesus to bring about transformation in students.

We believe that directing passions toward the glory of Jesus is the heartbeat of transformation. The message of the Bible is redemption. Passions come from God. Where we fall short in our favorite work/activities is when we often do them for ourselves (to make a profit, to gain prestige, etc.). Our goal would be to help students be the best at what they love to do, which means enhancing their skills and directing them to do _________ for Jesus.

Jesus lead his few followers by combining instruction and assignment. Basically:

Tell them how. Let them do. Always follow up.

It wasn't always in that order, but you get the point. We want to make students better people. Connecting with what they love is the door, directing them to Jesus is the process.

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