Self Designed Proposal

Topic of Inquiry: I wish to test the effect of studying in the library vs studying in my dorm.

Hypothesis: I expect that It will probably not have any effect on my capability to study or do well.

Method: I will analyze my grades and search generally for rates of growth or decay, and whichever, is more prevalent I will assume to be the general trend. I will show this mainly with test grades or homework / classwork.

Presentation: I will present this through adobe spark.

Execution/Reflection: I found that throughout the semester my grades improved drastically in comparison to my first semester, and I felt like I obtained a better overall comprehension of the the course material. This went so far to the point where I , after having obtained a D in calculus last semester I have as of now gotten an 88 and 100 on the two calculus exams I have taken. In addition in Astronomy I have gotten around 80 on both tests and I find that having a workspace where I cannot get comfortable allows me to focus more effectively on what I am doing. Furthermore, it is very hard for me to accidentally fall asleep in the library at it is not an overly comfortable area like my bed. In addition I am getting an A in Astronomy lab and should be able to get my B in Finance to an A.

I have a much better gpa overall than I did last year and, while it is still not my ideal gpa I am still getting A's and B's which I was far from earning last semester.


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