Chapter 5 by Milan Barrault-Fandre

Creative - In this section I focused on different point of views with my shoes. I captured some friends' shoes but also captured some completely unorthodox shoes like my soccer cleats and some baby shoes from when I was a little boy.

Shoes Galore
Worn Out Faces

Technical - For this section of chapter 5, I decided to choose 3 photos to edit because I actually had a lot of fun with this one. The first photo was a snapshot of a zoomed in berry on a plant near the school. The second photo is a shot of a large tree just outside my balcony. I've known this peculiar tree all of my life and I decided I would incorporate it into my project. The third one is a small disco ball that a good friend of mine gave me. I have always had it and I did not realize that the small object could make for some very interesting photos. I mentioned what I have done to each photo beneath them in the description of each shot below.

For this edit, I tried to bring out the focal point by darkening the background. I managed to do that with a lot of photos in this chapter. Specifically though I used the "levels" tool in photoshop to adjust the background to my liking.
For this photo I used the "levels" tool again, but this time I adjusted the whole photo instead of just the background. I tried to. make the whole picture black and white, but the clouds were still in the photo and disrupting the focal point, so I adjusted the levels on the original and came out with this cool black and white photo.
This is one of my favorite photos. I used natural sunlight to create a reflection off of the disco ball. I once again used the levels tool to make the background dark enough to make the focal point pop.

Self - Reflective - For this section I captured photos that I though were symmetrical and asymmetrical. I mainly prefer to take symmetrical photos because a lot of architecture in todays culture is symmetrical on the outside. Symmetrical can also mean organization which we humans like to incorporate into our daily lives.

These are my symmetry photos. Each one has similar, if not the same, halves. If you were to cut one in half you would find the same photo on each side.
These are my asymmetrical photos. Each one is not similar if you were to cut them in half.

Influential - For this section I chose various Skyline shots that I found on Flickr. In clockwise order from the top left: 1) Cuba Gallery, 2) Cuba Gallery, 3) Cuba Gallery, 4) Nicholas Morris. I chose this section because I was really intrigued by the photos when I first saw them. They were extraordinarily vivid, with some of them being very high up. I learned that most of them do not take photos from inside the city. They travel to a vantage point to capture the city in its entirety, instead of capturing small parts inside the city itself. Flickr does a good job of telling my what the people used as their camera settings and by viewing those I can conclude that they turn their f/stop low, set their shutter speed to 30 seconds, and use a tri-pod.


Thematic - In this section I chose my cat as my overall theme. He brings me joy and excitement in my life, so I find it only fair to capture him and give him the spotlight he deserves.

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Milan Barrault-Fandre

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