Trip to Harn Rakin Baten

Technique: It may not seem obvious at first to any observer the amount of detail and precision that was put into this single piece. After reading the label I realized that this wasn't a painting, it was an assembly of thin pieces of wood. While the beige color contrasts the black that demonstrates New York as the city that never sleeps, I was in awe by the dedication Jacquette had placed onto a single artwork (and others following this work.) Much like the piece above, we too must put a similar amount of dedication into our career's and lives in order to attain a good life.
Museum Design: A museum is meant to be a serene location where individuals can pour their thoughts onto a work of creativity. The outdoor aspect of the zen garden brings peace to my worries and alleviates my pain as I calmly clear my mind. Other than the fact that the location is incredibly beautiful, it is truly a piece of art that tries to incorporate nature into a location that harbors the creativity of individuals.
Core Value: In the "Seated Bodhvista" a statue of an individual is shown known as a Bodhvista. This type of individual is Buddhist and has been enlightened and can enter Nirvana. However, this individual refuses to enter Nirvana as he believes that he should spend his time on Earth to guide others to Nirvana. It resembles a value of sacrifice (that may not be on the list) and it resembles my goal as an aspiring professor. I wish to learn my field and all it's wonders and pass it down to others who can be similarly inspired.
Good Life: In Jacquette's "Night the Light" a scene is portrayed from a high location which is a signature them of Jacquette's. It can relate to a version of someone's good life as a life of luxury and comfort. Although Walden and Siddhartha would argue that a good life is simple, many individuals may not feel the same. The good life to some can resemble a view of the bustling city of New York at night when the beautiful lights come out. As someone from Queens, NY this image of luxury is a part of my good life but it doesn't simply encompass the whole defintiion of my good life.

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