Digital Storytelling

The features of a work of fiction.


- time and place


- major or minor

- round or flat (types/caricatures/well-rounded/complex)

Narrator-point of view:

- first-person narrator

-third-person narrator

Narrative modes:





- key-idea/proposition for discussion

Writing a short story step-by-step:

1. Exposition:

first scene of your story

should compel your audience to read on

put key details in the opening: eg. introduce the protagonist, the antagonist, a hint at the future conflict, the setting

2. Inciting incident:

some event occurs to get the plot rolling

3. Rising Action:

your characters react to the inciting event

4. Climax:

the protagonist faces the antagonist and there is an outcome: the protagonist succeeds or fails.

5. Falling Action and Resolution:

how do the key players react to and are affected by what has just happened in the climax

show the changes to them and their world

provide a sense of resolution

Digital storytelling step-by-step:

1. What kind of story are you going to write? (romance , mystery/detective story, dramatic story, funny story ...)

2. Brainstorm you ideas and draw a mindmap

(Who is the narrator? Expand your word choices by researching appropriate vocabulary etc )

3. Write the first draft

4. Revise the draft and get to the final product

5. Create a storyboard (divide your story into various frames)

6. Find images (use a camera to take your own photos, draw your own pictures, search for photos/pictures but make sure you add attribution (use Pixabay, PhotosforClass, Flicker…)

7. Record the narrative voice (if you want to add music it must be licensed)

8. Check, revise, edit

9. Produce, Publish, Share


to create a mindmap – bubbl.us (register free)

to write a draft and share it – googledocs (gmail account)

to create your digital story: Bookcreator or Storyjumper (register free)

Examples and tutorials:

Final phase: Debriefing – What have we learnt? What can we improve?

Google form for reflection:

Make sure all your images are attributed:

if you use google images use a filter for non commercial use

use Pixabay, Flickr, Photos for class


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