Empathy for The lgbt COMMUNITY Alanna reinstedler

What would you do if you woke up one day and being heterosexual was thought of as being wrong or sinful? You can't truly control who you love. Sometimes love can just come without you even knowing. That's how the LGBT community could be feeling all the time.

There are around nine out of ten LGBT people have been bullied and it is proven how the community is mistreated.

But how is it really? Twenty-five percent of patient-facing staff have heard colleagues make negative remarks about lesbian, gay or bi people and almost one in ten health and social care are aware of their colleagues experiencing poor treatment because they are transgender.

ALMOST ALL of the LGBT community have heard the popular phrase, "that's so gay" and "you're so gay" being said to them. But what does that actually mean? Being "gay" should never be something to use against anyone.

Some people think that if you are an LGBT members will automatically have a "crush" on you if you are nice to them or become friends with them. I mean yeah, it could happen, but they aren't going to daze all day about you like you think they do and will. "Don't flatter yourself" says many LGBT members.

Not only do bullies hurt LGBT youth, but their parents hurt could hurt them too. Imagine your own parents reject you for who you are. That would hurt really bad. Some people even want to take their own lives. The picture above shows some suicide statistics for members.

Another stereotypically phrase would be "homosexuals are mentally ill, they can cause harm." This just sounds like a quick and fearful response to something they are not sure of and when they are used to things being a certain way. When something comes up that they can’t understand, the quickest way to feel safe again for them is to label it as good or bad as soon as possible. Most people go straight to labeling it as bad. If you are thinking they will just "jump out and attack you" it's just paranoia.

"They will set bad examples for kids" is a horrible phrase to say. Two people who love each other is not a bad thing. It's normal to love someone.

Summing up this whole empathy page for memebers of LBGT, they are not bad examples, and they are not mentally ill. Everyone has feelings. Learn to accept change.

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