Severe Thunderstorm By: Ezekiel Drane

The three steps to thunderstorm formations is: Cumulus stage which is when warm and wet unstable air rises. The second step is the Mature stage, and thats when the clouds are at there biggest, and has large amounts of precipitation. the third step is called the Dissipating stage and thats when the storm is beginning to die down.
The three steps that play a role in tornadoes are: A thunderstorm forming and warm air starts to rise. The second thing that then happen, is the warm air begin to rotate. And then lastly, the air then begins to roll (spin), creating the vortex of the tornado to form.
There are six steps that are needed to occur when a hurricane is beginning to form. The first step is that it needs to have warm water temperatures that begin to create warm and moist air. The second step that occurs is that a lot of thunderstorms begin forming, which begins the third stage where the warm air that are coming from the storms begin to move towards the center, and begins to rise creating clouds. The cloud then begin to form a ring which is called the eye wall. The fifth step is that the ring begins to spins and grow in speed and size. The last step is that the storm begins to die down once it goes to far on land.


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