DU Portfolio December Release 2018

Academic Technologies Consulting and the Office of Teaching and Learning has made available an update this December to the University of Denver Portfolio system. Read on to discover what is new!

Feature Highlights

The biggest change in this release is that text content, images, files, and PDFs are now all added and edited through a unified Rich Media editor. Within the Rich Media editor, choose any of the three Direct Upload options to add these types of files to your portfolio.

Why did we make this change? It allows much greater flexibility when designing your uploaded media assets along with accompanying textual content. Many layout and design choices are now possible which previously couldn't be achieved very easily using single items. Any older assets will eventually be translated to this unified item type as part of a future release.

The Rich Media text editor includes additional, expanded functionality. Once an image is added, you can edit it directly through built-in tools. When crafting mathematical formulae, you can make use of the integrated formula editor. In addition, a new option allows you to check your content for accessibility at the click of a button.

When editing your portfolio, have a peek at how everything looks to visitors at different security levels by accessing a dropdown from the edit bar menu.

We've added a new layout that features a wide column above two smaller, side-by-side columns.

You can now follow portfolios that you want to keep tabs on. Each portfolio includes a 'Follow Portfolio' button in the footer area - and portfolios that you follow will display on your Home screen after logging in.

What Else Is New?

  • Direct file upload - files are now added directly within the text editor
  • Upload of File, Image, and PDF is now deprecated due to unified upload and edit system
  • Accessibility checker in text editor
  • Image editing in text editor
  • Specify size of inline PDF display in text editor
  • Math formula generator in text editor
  • Security view previews
  • Direct item view displays item on a single page - link is generated from edit view
  • Stacked 3 column layout
  • Follow / unfollow portfolios
  • Verdana font added to font choices
  • Column indicators added to edit mode
  • Settings area improved for performance
  • Move folder items up one level to page
  • Change security for ALL items in a portfolio
  • Add horizontal line to text editor
  • Templates system reworked
  • Template Packs - with multiple pages
  • Revise layout of Home screen
  • Folder icon changed to appear less like a folder
  • Creative Commons copyright information added to items
  • Images and PDFs can now be centered
  • Add and Edit are no longer modal functions but go to a new page
  • Folder description removed
  • Add ability for members of closed communities to remove themselves
  • Header classes added to text editor
  • Albums are now arranged differently - image description to the side instead of below
  • Allow links in descriptions
  • Misc. bug fixes, adjustments, and other small tweaks...


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