CASAS Updates May 2017

Graduation and Transition

As we approach graduation and the summer months, transitions will occur for many (students, staff and faculty :) ). This can be intimidating. Of course, there are numerous articles that address “how” to handle the transition, but here are two methods especially important for all of us, no matter our stage of life.

The first method: Accept that you have a lot left to learn – and look forward to it! When I was a 22-year old graduate, I thought I knew a lot. Then I got a job, went to graduate school and engaged in “real” life. Each year since graduating, I’ve realized there is so much more to learn and so much more I want to simply think about. I recently reached a point where I realized I may not get to read every book that interests me in my lifetime and have started shelving some instead of finishing them because they aren’t worth the time (to me :) ) when there are so many others I want to read.

I’m excited to keep learning, and growing! Hopefully you are too. Whether you just graduated from college, just started a job or have been working in a profession for thirty years… you can still learn! Keep it up!

The second method: Stop, breath and pray! What are you going to do next? Do you really know? God is always working in your life even when you don’t necessarily think about it. The book of Esther is a great example of God’s “behind the scenes” action. You aren’t necessarily going to have a miraculous “unlimited fish and loaves” moment or parting of the Red Sea. You will be able to see God’s hand through dozens, hundreds or a thousand little events that got you where you are. Trust him and take time to be still and pray for guidance and acceptance.

Graduation is an exciting time of transition! Continue to walk in faith and know that God is in control!


CASAS End of the Year Meeting and Party

11:30am || Star Ginger/Ufood Grill Area

Don't forget about the 3rd Annual Corn Hole Tournament! If you are participating in the tournament, email Hailey Manicone with your team name and your 2 team members. We will be accepting teams until Tuesday, May 16th.

If you have not already, please take the survey to ensure we have enough food for everyone! :)

CASAS Events

  • May 2 – Coffee/Donuts with CASAS
  • May 3 – Reading Day/ESP Spring Celebration
  • May 4-9 – Finals
  • May 12 – Graduation Reception from 2:00-4:00
  • May 12 – Baccalaureate at 6 pm
  • May 13 – Commencement/CASAS Degree Presentation Ceremony
  • May 17 – Faculty Professional Development
  • May 18 – CASAS End-of-Year Meeting
  • May 29 – Memorial Day holiday

Coffee with the Dean in JFL Starbucks

May 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th

May Birthdays!

Robbie Frejd- May 2nd

Terri Eubank- May 3rd

Heath Kimmel- May 4th

Shaq Cook- May 12th

Sarah Spillar- May 18th

Comments from the Recent Deans’ Meeting

  1. Graduation is fast upon us! More details will be coming soon, but know that shuttle busses will begin running at 5:00 AM and gates open for graduates to begin getting screened at 6:00 AM. Faculty will assemble with the graduates on the soccer field behind the stadium. We will enter from the Green Hall side. Again, more details will be sent soon from the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Any time there is a safety concern regarding the work environment, please let us know so that we can alert the proper personnel.
  3. Something to anticipate for faculty: The annual “Faculty Effort Survey” will be sent beginning May 10th. It is mandatory to complete it by May 24th.

Questions or comments? Never hesitate to contact us!

Brian Yates, Dean

Dwayne Melton, Associate Dean

Nina Shenkle, Associate Dean

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