On the Beach at Night Alone By wAlt wHITMAN


Its night and he's alone on the beach and there's an old mother singing and walking. While he was looking at the stars shining he thought about the clef of the universes future. A great number of similarities keeps everyone together, everything is the same in his eyes, no matter how wide, no matter the time of any form. Everybody is different in every way and of a different race. The thing's that people use everyday, everything that you can see and hear, and everybody that is on earth. Everyone from the past present and future will only let the world get bigger and bigger, but it will keep them enclosed and compact. In this poem there is a lot of imagery and its mostly visual imagery.


The tone of this poem is, he feels like he's relaxed and its peaceful where he is and he doesn't want to leave. He is thinking most of the time about the future and of the next generation. He's believes that everyone is the same on the inside, and that nobody is better than anyone. This world is big enough to keep everyone in their own lane so that they can pursue their dream and make it come true.


Created with images by kreuzfeld - "beach sea sunset" • JensG - "sunset ocean sky"

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