Garden of Eden Planting the Trees of Life

Taking Initiative

In October of 2013 I took a plane to Tanzania. The objective is to develop a sustainable community model whose purpose is to provide opportunities to the people of Tanzania through teaching and demonstrating the use of permaculture systems for creating food security and economic opportunities. I met a blessed sequence of people that helped me on my journey from my first day in Tanzania up until today. Now just two years later in October 2015 The Genesis Paradigm has acquired 50 Acres of land and we have built a new house.

The land provides pristine water accessible via easily dug wells of which one has been dug already. This will provide pristine potable water for drinking and household uses as well as irrigation purposes. The intention is also to build some additional wells to support the community due to the fact that the locals are coming to draw water from the initial well on a daily basis signifying a need for more water supplies.

Pristine Water

Agricultural Roots

We are privileged to have been given a pristine environment wherein to develop a new healthy community. Now having secured property and completed erecting the first house the next step of the vision is to utilize this land. The first project which has been initiated is the planting of 288 Breadfruit trees. The Breadfruit tree has been identified as a keystone species for food security based on it’s vigorous production profile, excellent nutritional profile, as well as relatively short maturity time (trees begin fruiting within 2-3 years). Breadfruit is also a very versatile food that can be made into many products such as flour, drinks and chips as well as traditional ways of preparation such as roasting and boiling. I will be importing three species of the trees, namely: Otea, Ma’afala, and Ulu Fiti.

Breadfruit trees will be begin fruiting within 3 years

The Tanzanian Dept. of Agriculture has approved our request to import the trees from Florida and they have issued us an import permit. The Genesis Paradigm has already purchased the trees from the Breadfruit Institute in Florida ( In addition to breadfruit the intention is to interplant the orchards with Avocado and Coconut trees initially.

The Vision for Fruit Orchards

We are presently preparing to create a nursery to receive the trees where they will grow for the first three months before transplanting as the first fruit species into Genesis Paradigm. We have detailed construction plans for a 40 foot x 18 foot Shade House which will serve as the nursery for the Breadfruit trees and subsequent fruit and vegetable species chosen for cultivation, the intention is to construct multiple Shade Houses for efficient production. The grounds have been cleared for the erection of the nurseries. This experience will give us the ability to teach the utilization and construction in Tanzania and elsewhere.

PVC Shade House for Nurseries

Thus far we have a established a growing network of people committed to assisting the development of this project. Our colleague Ammi Ben Yisrael who works for a Greenhouse Company in Kenya (Amiran) will be coming to Tanzania to assist in the design and implementation of the Genesis Paradigm Project. On the team is Moses Nilongo who is an experienced contractor (designed and building the current houses) will be designing and constructing the irrigation system to hydrate the Orchards. The site of the Orchards which is in Ligunga, Tanzania is adjacent to a 2 square mile freshwater pool which is all within an area full of virgin springs. Samuel Nilongo whom recently completed a Permaculture course in Kenya which I sponsored will also be assisting in the Orchard Development lending his expertise in the orchard layout and determining the most beneficial types of species for interplanting. In addition Jackson Nilongo will be involved in perennial crop production in which he has years of experience growing Corn, Sesame Seeds, Pumpkin, Peas, among other crops.

We have purchased 288 Breadfruit Seedlings

We have located a nursery in the Dodoma region of Tanzania which specializes in growing several key species of Banana plants. We are planning a trip to Dodoma to purchase 1500 banana trees to plant in Songea and Ligunga. The nurseries also teach banana sucker replication techniques for these special varieties are which are more disease tolerant as well as yielding significantly bigger banana bunches. On average, traditional varieties give banana bunches of 30 to 80 kg, whereas these varieties give bunches of 70 to 180 kg. These trees will be a central part of the Orchard system being developed, introducing the first of several preferred types of bananas to new regions as well as growing crops with shorter yield cycles while other long cycle trees are growing.

We are Currently arranging a trip to Dodoma to purchase 1500 Banana Trees
Harvesting will begin after one year

Housing Development

The next phase is building additional housing and community structures to receive and house those who will be participating in this new Genesis, a new beginning in a sustainable blessed paradigm. This has already began as the 2nd house is being erected at this time.

Housing construction and property costs are much lower than costs in the Western Hemisphere. As an example you can purchase an acre of land for $2000 (and even less in certain areas), you can build a four bedroom modern style house for $50,000 (and even less in certain areas). In addition the land in Tanzania is primarily clay which is made directly on-site for construction purposes. A three step process of molding the clay, drying, and finally burning for strength is utilized country-wide for construction of strong and beautiful structures.

Bricks are made on site
Beautiful & strong houses can be constructed at low cost

Institute Development

Creating all the regenerative institutes necessary to sustain and grow a community. Beginning with the creation of The Genesis Institute focused on the imparting of fundamental truth/life understanding and skills. Specifically the native elders of Ligunga have asked us to build a Hospital/Pharmacy to provide a higher level of care for the community residing in that region. This is certainly a task that is absolutely feasable leveraging resources that are available.

Resources Needed

  • Funding for Constructing Shade Houses
  • Funding for Irrigation Systems for Nursery
  • Funding for Orchard Land Preparation/Clearing
  • Funding for Irrigation Systems for Orchard
  • Funding for Vehicle to transport trees and supplies
  • Funding for Orchard Housing for Resident Staff
  • Funding for transport of Breadfruit Seedlings from Florida

Model for the Future

This is a blessed opportunity to make a difference in the lives of a community in need. By implementing regenerative & sustainable models for the future The Genesis Paradigm can serve as an excellent model for generations to come.

Blessings of Tanzania

  • Abundant and Excellent Produce
  • Low Cost of Living
  • 16 National Parks
  • The Swahili Language is easy to learn
  • Beautiful People
  • Affordable Land and Housing Opportunities
  • Resource Rich Country

A Beautiful Country












Healthy Cuisine


Exotic Scenes

Mbuyu Trees

National Parks


Lake Nyasa

Bomba Bay



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