Return to Christ Campaign By: Cassie Davis, Gustavo Huaman, Widley Romain, & Joseph AlbarRan

Why Aren't Catholics Practicing Their Faith Anymore?

They Don't Feel Included in the Church Community:

For some churches it is a main effort to plan activities, invite people to events, and get to know each member of the church community so everybody feels involved and that they are a part of something special. Other churches don't prioritize bringing the people together and focus solely on the mass itself. The congregation and the church should make it a priority to bring the people together in their belief.

The church became too involved in drama and other affairs:

Some people leave the church when they feel that what the church community once was has faded. They feel it has turned into work and a burden and has lost its sense of community and the overall message of what the church community should be. Some churches lose what they were about and become wrapped up in political topics or in matters other than bringing together the people.

They do not feel a connection:

Some people leave the church when they don't feel a connection either with the congregation, the priests, or with God Himself. For most people that don't feel conencted to the congregation it is because they feel excluded from them and the church should prioritize bringing people together. People that don't feel connected to a priest might try going to a mass with a different priest or going to a different church where they feel they can relate to and understand the priests message better. For people who don't feel connected to God they have to search within themselves or get help from a priest to help them feel that spiritual connection once again.

Our Campaign Mission

The Mission of Our Campaign is to bring people of all ages who have strayed from the Church back. We are targeting anyone who has ever left the Church for any reason. We hope that with our campaign we can help you see a different perspective and bring you back to God. #ReturntoChrist

Returning to Christ

Our logo here is a cross and a return arrow which symbolizes a Catholic that strayed will return to Christ. Our spokesperson, David Schnoor, helps bring people back to the Church since he is a well known person around AMHS people are more likely to hear what he has to say about returning. When encouraging people to return he uses our motto "When you need to go, go back to Christ" because Christ will always be there even if we stray. #BacktoChrist

Events That Lead to the Establishing of the Church

Jesus established the Catholic Priesthood, through the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Jesus selected twelve apostles. At the Last Supper (the night before he died) Jesus gave the apostles power to change bread and wine into his blood and body.

Jesus Establishes the Catholic Church

Jesus gathered his 12 closest followers & they became his apostles. Jesus was gathering followers of God & spreading God's message. When Jesus died he told Peter to build his Church & continue His ministry. Peter continued his mission & told people about God and His Salvation. "According to the grace of God which was given to me, like a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building on it. But each man must be careful how he builds on it." - 1 Corinthians 3:10

Apostles of the Early Church

Jesus had 12 Apostles. "Apostles are servants of the Lord. They travel to visit members of the Church around the world." To be an apostle you have to have total faith in what you are standing for. You have to be able to carry on God's message and spread his word to others. Three apostles that were very active in the early church were Peter, John, & Andrew.


St. Peter was the first pope of the Catholic Church and was asked by Jesus to carry on his message and ministry. Jesus called Peter the "rock" of His church. Jesus filled Peter's nets with fish and Peter became a strong believer in God. He carried on Jesus' wish as the rock of the Church, which is why his symbol are the keys of St. Peter and also the symbol of the Papal Flag. He spread God's word around the world after Jesus' death.


John was known as the "beloved disciple" to Jesus. Jesus left His mother Mary in John's care. John was one of the only apostles who was present during Jesus' crucifixion. John was there with Mary and cared for her while her son died. He spread God's message by writing the Gospel of John as a way to spread the faith. He is the only apostle who did not die a martyr.


Andrew is Peter's brother. He was there with Jesus when he performed many miracles. There was not much known information about Andrew while Jesus was living. During Andrew's ministry while he spread God's word he was martyred. He is known for dying on an "X" shaped cross because he said he was not worthy to die the same was the Lord did.

The Early Church vs The Church Today

The mission of the Catholic Church is to keep Jesus' message strong and alive and to continue spreading his values and ideas. The role of the church is to be the Middle person that connects the person to God. The church is meant to help spread God's message to the people so they can continue to believe and keep their faith strong. The church continues Jesus' ministry on Earth.

New Evangelization

"The New Evangelization calls each of us to deepen our faith, believe in the Gospel message and go forth to proclaim the Gospel. The focus of the New Evangelization calls all Catholics to be evangelized and then go forth to evangelize." ( New Evangelization began so that the people of the Church community are more involved and able to spread God's message to others from what they have learned at mass. It was started by Pope Benedict XVI when he wanted to bring people back to the faith and have current members of the Church help to spread Gods message and bring them back.

Evangelization: Then & Now

New Evangelization is a modern way of how the people of the early church spread God's message and is very different now. People of the early church did not have much to back up their Evangelizations. Now in the modern church we have the Bible and many other sources such as priests and members of the church community that are able to serve as a guide to help bring people to the faith. The early church had to be able to explain their evangelization when most people were extremely doubtful of Jesus and his message in that time period.

The Return to Christ Campain and Evangelization

New Evangelization is relevant to this campaign because in order to spread this campaign and its message we need people who agree with our message to want to support it. The people who return to Catholicism will return to their faith and will Evangelize about God and how they have returned back to the faith and why.

Campaign Video


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