Face-to-face by mark gardner

Technology divides face-to-face relationships and produces an environment of self indulgence.

Often, young adults see through there phone more than they see through their own eyes.

Being together builds true community.

The simple act of sharing a meal together, without the interruption of phones, can make all the difference.


Created with images by Street matt - "Chat time" • Sander Muller - "Pac-Man" • Maurizio Costanzo - mavik2007 - "Phone time" • Hugo Bernard - "What he's doing?" • Pexels - "concert festival lights" • Unsplash - "photography motive display" • Pexels - "climate black and white village" • Unsplash - "restaurant people eating" • juhansonin - "Taco Lunch" • manhhai - "SAIGON 1968 - Giờ ăn của trẻ tại một cô nhi viện của Công Giáo"

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