Monument 14 By Emmy Laybourne ; Reviewed by Hayden Wylie

Book One : Monument 14

When Dean leaves his house to board the school in the morning, he expects nothing more than a regular, boring day. Dean doesn't know it yet, but he has made a grave mistake by forgetting to tell his mother goodbye before he leaves the house. Along the way to school, the children on the bus begin to notice very odd phenomenon occurring and begin to wonder what the culprit of these acts is. Before they have a chance to find out, the bus is sudden;y being pounded with hail, and the wind is whipping around the bus. The bus driver has now lost all visibility, and crashes into another bus, who happens to be taking Dean's brother, Alex, to school. Alex's bus driver Ms. Wooly, takes all the surviving kids off the destroyed bus, and takes them to a local Greenway, a grocery store. There the kids are left to fend against the elements, and all the trouble that come with them.

My Personal Review of Monument 14

I can recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good thriller. This book starts off with lots of action, which generally deters those of my generation, or those who are just impatient. Also, this book does include some "zombies" of sorts, due to the chemical weapons released in the storm, however not full on zombies. Monument 14 not only starts off with action, the author was able to sustain this action throughout the book, making it a serious page turner. This action is not oriented towards those of a younger demographic because it can be a bit gruesome at times. If you are looking for an action packed novel this book should be a read for you in the near future.

All of these pictures add to the development of either the setting, or the story line.

"night came and fell hard. not like god drawing a blanket over our land but like someone snuffing a candle. Sudden and total. out - just like that. now we are waiting. waiting in the dark to see if someone will switch on the light. we can cower, we can fear, we can get lost together or get lost along. but the truth is: i am the light. you are the light, we are lit up together. we are silhouettes of sunlight cast against the night. shining now, let us shining, hold the light, shining, so that our families can find us.



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