Southern africa pages 377-396

landforms and waterways

south africa's kalahari desert

1.south africa also consists of 4 island countrys

2. the region of southern africa consists of ten countries

3. there are three major river systems the zambezi the limpopo and the orange drain.


south africas drakensberg mountains

1. africa's plateaus outer edges form steep slopes called the great escarpment

2.south africa's elevation generally ranges from 3,000 ft to 6,000 ft

3. the great escarpment follows south africa's coast line

bodies of water

1. there are three major rivers in africa the limpopo, zambezi, and the orange drain.

2. the region's largest lake is lake malawi.

3. the etosha pan in namibia is 1900 sq miles of salt.

south africa's most common landform is the plateau

tropical zone

1. the tropic of capricorn runs right through south africa

2. the daily average temperature is 60 F

3. most places in south africa get a average of 24in to 40in of rain

temperature zones

1. in the region most rain falls in the summer

2. annual rainfall varies from 8in to 24in

desert region

1. in the summer the desert temperatures are between 80 - 100 F.

2. in this area they get very little rain fog provides enough water for plants

why are temperatures in south africa's tropical region not hot- because the dense moist fog cools it down

what natural resources are found in south africa-platinum chromium gold diamonds coal iron uranium and copper

south africas recorces

1. the republic of south africa has some of the largest deposits of natural resources in the world

2. south africa produces both industrial diamonds and also ones for looks

energy resources

1. zimbabwe botswana and mozambique all burn coal to produce their electric

2. angola is one of africa's leading oil producers

minerals and other resources

1. lesotho and swaziland have very few natural resources

2. zambini has some of the largest emerald deposits in the world


1. poachers shoot elephants for their tusks and rhinos for their horns .

how does deforestation affect the energy supply- the trees will no longer be there to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen

lesson 2

rise of kingdoms

1. southern africa's indigenous people have inhabited this area for thousands of years.

Great zimbabwe

1. the people know as the shona started zimbabwe in 900 ad

2. there capital city was named the great zimbabwe

the mutupa empire

1. the mutapa empire thrived off of mined gold and trade

2. the portuges were the ones who took over the empire

other kingdoms

1.the zulu leader shaka united his kingdom in the early 1800s

2. the zulu empire fell in 1879

European Colonies

1. in the 1500s europe started exploiting the colonies

clashes in south africa

1. the dutch and africans fought over land in the 1700s

the union of south africa

1. in 1910 the british took over the south african colonies then they let the boers come back and form their own colony known as the union of south africa

colonialism in other areas

1. in 1884 the european powers met in berlin to decide how to split africa

independence in other areas

1. french rule ended in madagascar making the first free colony

the end of portuges rule

1. other european nations gave up rule but portugal refused causing a ton of revolts

the birth of zimbabwe

1. the colony of zimbabwe's name used to be rhodesia

equal rights in south africa

1. the african goverment of the mid 1900s created something called a apartheid which limited african american rights.

2. countries started boycotting south africa because of their apartheid

3. in 1994 nelson mandela became africa's president after he was released from prison.

which european country took over the most of africa - great britain

lesson 3

people of the region

1. the largest white minority is in south sudan where 10% of the people are white

population patterns

1. fewer than two million live in lesotho and swaziland.

2. whites and asians make up less than 1% of the population.

3. less than 20% of malawi's people live in the city

ethnic and cultural groups

1. the shona make up more than 80% of the population of zimbabwe.

2. out of the population of botswana 4 million people are Tswana.

3. the area between south africa and zimbabwe is inhabited by the tongsa

religion and language

1. swaziland zambia and mawi all are largely muslim

2. portuguese is the official language of angola

question what is the main religion in africa - christianity

life in southern africa

1. many rural people still follow traditional practices

urban life

1. angola's capital has a population of 4.5 million

urban growth and change

1. lunda has issues treating its water cholera outbreaks occur often

2. most blacks live on the outskirts of town in homes without electric or clean water

3. the chinese live mainly in the townships of johannesburg

family and traditional life

1. rural villages often only have 20 to 30 houses

2. people in the countryside often participate subsistence farming

southern africa today

1. south africa has a great deal of mineral resources but political issues are a problem.

health issues

1. the life expectancy is 50 to 55


1. in malawi a 120 of every 1000 children die in infancy

2. a major cause of death in children and adults is hiv and aids

3. malaria is also common a disease carried by mosquitoes

why is life expectancy in africa so low - disease and lack of proper treatment

progress and growth

where in there countries do most south africans live - in rural areas

1. tourism has really helped angola's destroyed economy

2. oil also has helped angola after years of civil war

help from other countrys

1.the us has paid billions of dollars to help fight aids

2. taiwan built a textile industry in lesotho to bring jobs

3. foreign investors have also given money to the country's government.


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