The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

Why and how do people disappear in the Bermuda Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place that people will go into and never come back out. For many years, people have been afraid of going into the Bermuda Triangle because of its myths.

As in, extraterrestrials have ruled the Bermuda Triangle and have taken people. Others say, that terribly large storms have sucked people right out of their boats. The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious place that people disappear into. People have been disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle because of their errors. Many people in planes and boats have crashed in big, monstrous storms. People say that aliens or extraterrestrials have done something to make people disappear. Everybody makes a mistake and does something wrong. Human Error happens everyday with so many people around the world. People have mysteriously disappeared without a trace, so honestly, it must be human error or terrible storms and hurricanes. The Bermuda Triangle is known for violent and unexpected storms and weather changes. These short but intense storms can build up and dissipate quickly, causing obvious navigational problems. Something just might happen in the Bermuda Triangle that just makes people mess up.

Theory 1

People have been debating that storms have been sucking people out of their ships. Ship crews panic because of the massive and most likely dangerous storms. The Gulf Stream, where the Triangle is located, is extremely swift and turbulent. It’s been reported to move faster than 5 miles per hour in some areas – more than fast enough to throw sailors hundreds of miles off course if they don't compensate correctly for the current. It can also quickly erase any evidence of a disaster. About 135 individuals were unaccounted for, and they all went missing around the Bermuda Triangle.

Theory 2

After much research on the Bermuda Triangle and it’s strange disappearances, I agree with Theory 2. This theory states that people disappear because of their errors. I agree with this theory because, throughout the whole Bermuda Triangle, people just disappear because they panic.This is only my opinion, you should believe it too. People would go into boats or planes and take video footage and post them on youtube. If you search up “Bermuda Triangle Storms” , there shall be many videos on it. You can go onto “”, “the- bermuda -triangle.”, or “”. Flight 19 was a pack of US military planes going overseas for a mission. But as you guessed, they went over the Bermuda Triangle. But they never came back out. They were never seen or heard of again.On a sunny day 58 years ago, five Navy planes took off from their base in Florida on a routine training mission, known as flight 19. Neither the planes or the crew were ever seen again. People argue sometimes that Mother Nature does this. I personally believe that this is great evidence on why the Bermuda Triangle is a mysteriously strange place.

If people go into the Bermuda Triangle they will never come back out. You need to know this information because, if you don’t know about the Bermuda Triangle and you go in it, you may never come back out. This whole paper is a warning on why you need to know about this. I wrote this paper for you. If you are going on a family vacation across the ocean, please don’t go across the Bermuda Triangle. Please, for your family’s sakes, don’t go across the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is unsafe for any motorized vehicle to go across. Just think about Flight 19, boats and planes all have disappeared into history’s black hole. What are YOUR theories on history's most dangerous mysteries?


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