Kerry Evans spoke with our Recruiting and Hiring Manager about her evolution since she joined Evolve, and what she looks for in a candidate.

When did you join Evolve, and how has your role changed since you’ve been here?

I just realized I’ve been with Evolve 15 years! I joined as a management consultant, and worked out of the Trinidad office with clients on offshore oil and gas platforms as well as in cement plants.

In 2005, I moved to the US to take on a support role when we opened the US office. I did pretty much anything that was required including office management, sales cold calling, and HR. Along with our COO, I helped create the first employee handbook for Evolve, which was challenging since at the time I didn’t know much about US employment law, so I had to learn. Then slowly as we built up the size of our office, I started moving into a role that was strictly recruiting and hiring. Today I consider my role to be primarily that of Recruiting and Hiring Manager for Evolve.

What do you look for in potential candidates for Evolve?

The initial interview and CV screen is really based around our Organizational Space model. We target hiring experienced consultants, so I’m looking and probing for where people have experience in the five areas of the pyramid: results delivery, process improvement, management systems, leadership behaviors, and change and learning. What I find is that people might have experience in process or systems improvement and results delivery; or they might have more experience in leadership development and coaching. Sometimes people have all of the above, which is great because that is what we’re really asking our consultants to do with our clients, and it’s what will make people successful working in Evolve.

I also look at attitude. Being open to learning, for example, as well as determining whether or not they really want to join Evolve. It's important that they believe in our idea and want to be a part of that.

How do you describe Evolve to friends and colleagues?

Evolve is a performance improvement consulting firm. We assist our clients in the relentless pursuit of performance. This means we help clients improve their business results today. We help them increase their production, reduce their unit cost, or improve HSE or other metrics. We do this in a way that allows our clients’ people to learn from the experience of the change program and gain continuous improvement skills. Doing so will enable them to sustain those changes once we leave. They will also continue to grow and develop after we are gone, which means they can confidently face whatever future challenges they might have longer term.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I would say it is finding someone who is a great fit for Evolve, and who also really wants to join our firm because they are drawn to our methodology and what we stand for. I love it when I make a match on both sides. It’s especially rewarding when someone who is a great fit cannot join right away because of timing, however, we stay in touch and, eventually, the stars align. For example, we recently had someone join who we had been talking to for over 5 years. Patience (and persistence!) pays off!

Name four people you’d like to have dinner with and why.

This is a tough question! A somewhat stereotypical answer, but I would choose Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, Mother Theresa, and the Dalai Lama. They all won the Nobel Peace prize, and they all lived lives of servitude and sacrificed their own personal safety to fight for the rights of others. Even Malala at her young age has already made such an impact on the world. They all hold very different religious faiths as well, so it would be interesting to get their perspective on spending a lifetime of working in service of others, and to see how their approaches/beliefs are similar and different.

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