Friday Institute Tindercad, spheros ,

Prototyping and Modeling

While using Tinkercad I designed a four quadrant seed starter. I am getting ready to plant my garden and I would like to start a few seeds for an herb garden. This will be a good way to keep all of my new seeds together and it will fit perfectly on my windowsill. I found Tinkercad a little difficult to figure out as first but the more I "tinkered" around I found that it was a fun program to play with. I also thought it would be a useful program to utilize in my Biology classroom. Cells and DNA helices can be difficult to understand when looking at a 2-Dimensional image in a textbook, but now they can be seen in 3D. There are many options of DNA models that you can print that you don't have to design.

Coding & Spheros

This was my favorite activity so far! I would love to have one of these as a toy! The robot is a little tricky at first because your directions have to be very precise. I think this would be a useful tool for our students to have and I think our students should learn the basics of coding. I think coding is one of the most important job skills you can attain because everything is so technology driven. It will be amazing to see how far technology will come in the next ten years.

VR Experience

I was also a big fan of this! I could utilize this technology in my classrooms. Virtual field trips through places that we cannot afford to go would be a good way for students to see things that they otherwise may not see. This would be a good way would be to explore the insides of cells and learn about different organelles.


I found these activities to be very useful and educational. I believe that both of these activities will keep students engaged and allow the to learn about the new technology that is constantly evolving.


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