BEAKFUST BY:Jeremy sobkoweak and sam gardener


By:Jeremy Sobkoweak

Sam and I believe Beakfust is the best bot ever. We tried to make it better by reworking the process of building it Sam had to take the ramp off then we figured out that the walls were making the bot slow. And although it was a good ramp it also made it slower when we put it back on and it was wobbling too much. But Sam made a nice ramp so let's get on that topic our ramp is sturdy. An example would be that when my bot went over Sam’s bot the ramp did not break like mine always did. Our ramp will never fall off also because we have way too much tape on it. And since our bot has the ramp it will flip over any sized battle bots making it win.

Beakfust Bot because of its ramp will flip the opponent over. I made a bot because I was told to. My partner is Sam and though he says his bot is awesome it's not true. The Beakfust Squad is a great bot because it has ramp, and is fast. Our bot is both fast and has a nice ramp.

The Beakfust bot is better because it has a ramp. Our ramp is very sturdy since of the tape. An example is shown as in the vid were Sam flipped the other bot. Our ramp will never fall because of all the tape we have on it. Since our bot has the ramp it will win. Our bot is both fast and has a nice ramp.

The Beakfust bot is the best because it is fast. Since our bot is small it is very fast. An example would be when any bot attacks our bot they'll have a rough time. Basic logic would be since there big and we are small they'll go over us. Our bot is both fast and has a nice ramp.

Our bot’s ramp cover the front of our bot so it will be hard to attack. Our bots ramp is about 12 inches wide. The ramp is the only defense that our bot has. My opinion would be the ramp is good but not if we were ambushed by a mini bot. Our ramp is the best defence in the whole class.

Our bot is tiny but speedy and tough to flip on to its back. Since our bot is tiny it is quick. Since it is tiny it turns quickly. Demonstration would be when any bot ambushes like i did to sam’s bot in the vid it will be rough to win against us. Although our bot is good one day we will get cornered and at last the bot will come to an end.


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