Walden West Field Class BY Abby

Field class was fun, I learned a lot about wildlife. The first hike we went I saw deer when we went near the meadow. After that we started the hike. On the all day hike we saw a banana slug. On the third day of field class we saw newts by the pond. We also saw a turtle at the pond it was lying on it's back. We saw fish that weren't supposed to be there. It wasn't in it's habitat. Raven (My field instructor) said they were probably dropped off by someone.

I learned about ravens which is ironic because my field instructor's nature name is Raven. And I learned about gardening and the way you can use animal waste to grow new food. I also learned about food chain and how animals eats other animals. Then she told us about different fungi. She also told us about the FBI which means fungus, bacteria and invertebrates.

She made us inspect animal waste it was from the deer. It was in the meadow so we could tell it was the deer. And she took us to the Wildlife center. It had snakes and turtles and spiders. I wanted to hold the snakes but she said it didn't look very happy and Raven said it might start biting us so she didn’t take it out.

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