Renewable Energy Hydro Energy

Hydropower draws energy from falling or flowing water and converts it into electricity, without consuming, wasting or depleting water in the process. This energy is completely eco friendly.


How hydro energy works. The water flows into a large pipe at a high velocity causing a turbine in the pipe to turn which then powers a generator. While the turbine is twisting, due to the flow of the water, energy from the generator goes through into a transformer. Lastly, the energy is then converted for use.


Hydro electricity provides 63% of Canadas electricity. In the next twenty years, hydropower development could benefit Canada with over $125 billion in investments and provide a million jobs. Hydro electricity alone contributed $37 billion to Canada’s GDP and supported 135,000 jobs. Hydroelectricity provides power to millions of homes and businesses. Overall, this industry provides only beneficial matter to Canada.

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