New to Obstacle Course Racing, former college athlete, triathlete and mom of two, Cora Volkoff, is fierce. In just over a year, this master’s level athlete has claimed five podiums—quickly gaining notoriety in the tight-knit OCR community. When asked about her commitment and swiftly earned success, Cora states simply, "it was love at first race." Cora is a select member of the Rise Up Training Race Team, with a focus on short distances races. Known for her obstacle proficiency and deceiving strength, this college professor by day stands at 5' 10" and is easy to spot in the elite crowd. Cora Volkoff is one to watch this 2018 season.


2018 Elite

Epic Elite Course 2nd

2018 Elite Master's

Epic Series Course 1st

Epic Series Course 2nd

2018 AG 40 - 49

Spartan Las Vegas Sprint 1st

2017 Elite Master's

Spartan Dodger Stadium 3rd

Epic Series Course 2nd

Spartan SoCal Sprint 3rd


10 Top 20 Appearances


AG Qualifier for Spartan World Championships

AG Qualifier for OCR World Championships

AG Qualifier for the OCR US Championships


Elite Qualifier for Spartan World Championships

"be humble enough to prepare and confident enough to pull it off"

follow the journey

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