Apartheid in south africa a BRIEF summary by logan wittman

Apartheid is in short summary segregation on a continental scale. we saw this when they split the Tutsi and hutsi. and the Belgians took the the side of the Tutsi and they made the hutsi feel like they had no rights no freedoms and the Tutsi basically dehumanized them. we also saw this in the Jim crow era when whiter people basically dehumanized African Americans.

When Belgium went to south Africa they found two groups of people living in harmony. the people in Belgium decided to split the civilians into two groups known as Tutsi and hutsi. an example of apartheid in recent history was the Arab spring. originally the tutsi were in power and Belgium helped them but when the hutsi gain numbers and started taking control the Belgian people took the hutsi side and forced the tutsi to flee the country.

living under apartheid is bad and its basically dictatorship. apartheid needs to stop because we as humans need to work together

its important to know what apartheid is so when it happens we can stop it and make sure it dosent happen again. apartheid should be stopped because its basically an excuse for people to dehumanize who ever their opposition is.


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