Crops in a Field

First Agricultural Revolution- domestication of plants and animals. (11,00 years ago) It made it possible for humans to live by eating them.

Second Agricultural Revolution- Took place in Western Europe. When humans became industrialized. They invented things like the seed plow, the horse collar, and the plow. They adopted the four course system, and crop rotation, and improved their efficiency.

Third Agricultural Revolution- Technological innovations and scientific farming methods have been added into our food gathering process. Mechanization, chemical applications, biotechnology, and more were also added to help improve our food. Gas and diesel engine tractors are used in fields for our plants to help obtain them and make the process faster. There is a much reduced number of workers, and an increased land mass of area to grow crops, and monoculture.

Genetically Modified Organisms- Plants and Animals changed as a result of biotechnology. By adding them in our life they could grow faster and make us healthier, or just the opposite.

All information came from my notes that were taken in class Monday, and Tuesday. (Cite)


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