The first shares i bought were Ab inbev and i initially bought 5 but quickly but 17 more after, i then bought 24 shares in Apple, and then bought 5 shares in Christian Dior

First I chose Ab inbev, Apple and Dior, Ab inbev was a good investment so i quickly chose to buy other shares in it. I then bought shares in Simulations Plus which didn't go as well as i thought, and finally i bought in Pepsi which went quite well. Dior was the best investment i bought because it never went down. But it first went badly quickly went happy so i am happy with my choice
My final portfolio decreased and I am now standing in the ranking at the place 33rd, which isn't great considering that I was 2nd for a long period of time. Christian Dior kept a steady increase while AB inbev went dramatically down as well as Pepsi, and Apple. i think this was a positive experience for me, as i understand now better how we are supposed to place money when we become adults. This project was a clarifying "homework" and i take only the positive things from it.


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