The Florida Museum of Natural History Hannah Bauerlein

Nature on Display

The exhibit that was particularly interesting to me was the Butterfly Exhibit. The exhibit was appealing because of the realness of it. The feeling of being surrounded by butterflies and pure nature is a feeling that can not be felt by simply looking at a picture or photograph of nature. Even the most clear and realistic photograph will not ever be able to truly capture the beauty of nature. Although this exhibit is not going to produce the same feeling of being completely immersed in nature,it seems to emulate the feeling pretty accurately. I think we would all learn something from nature. I believe that it should be important to everyone to take time to appreciate the beauty of nature. During my visit of the Butterfly Exhibit I was completely alone, no one was in the exhibit when I was, so I was able to roam freely with no interruptions. This alone time with nature was actually very enjoyable to me and gave me time to really admire the beauty of nature completely on my own.

Pictures from my visit at the Butterfly Exhibit.

Nature and Ethics

Many of the exhibits in the museum discussed how many species are endangered and need special attention from those who are concerned with conserving the environment. When reading about the Calusa people and how they lived off the land it really makes you take a step back and appreciate everything that nature provides for us. The way I understood it, the Calusa lived with the environment and tried to cause as little damage as possible, this is how we should try and live our lives. Learning about how we affect the land we live on really forced me to think about the impact that I, individually, am putting on the environment. It is so easy to live life day to day without stopping to think about the damage we are causing; but by viewing the exhibits in the museum you are then forced to take time to think about just how much damage you are causing to the environment and nature as a whole. My experience in the museum did instill a sort of ethical responsibility in me by making me really think about the effect that us as humans have had on the environment as time progresses.

Pictures of nature at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum of Natural History helps us step out of our ordinary lives by really placing us in a position that we are no longer able to ignore nature and how much it affects our lives. By appreciating nature we are then forced to also reflect back on ourselves and how nature has impacted us. Nature gives us the place to take time to ponder our daily lives and just appreciate life. One of my favorite things to do is watch the sunset because that is when I feel the most peaceful. Nothing that isn't nature is able to instill that feeling in me, nature has a way of impacting a human that nothing else has. Taking the time to truly observe nature one will realize the magnitude of its mystery and beauty. I think the people that really achieved the oneness with nature were the Calusa who learned to use every aspect of nature to their advantage while also attempting to cause as little harm as possible. I do not believe that their is anything as powerful and beautiful as nature.

Photos capturing the human spirit at the museum of Natural History.

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