The Red-HEaded League By: Ben Barth

Jabez Wilson comes to Sherlock Holmes because of a mass disappearance of men, in particular Duncan Ross. Wilson's apprentice Spaulding had went and started working with Wilson just a month before the occurrence of the missing people. Later Holmes is in a Scotland Yard he meets a detective and a bank manager and warns them the will have a run-in with a John Clay that night and they start to do there precautions. John Clay then comes out from the ground where Holmes "happened" to be standing. Turned out John Clay was really Wilson's assistant.

Sherlock Holmes- Main Investigator

John Watson- Holmes' partner and the stories Narrator

Jabez Wilson- A Pawnbroker normal man with fire red hair

John Clay/Vincent Spaulding- Spaulding is an alias that works under Jabez as an apprentice. Clay is the real criminal.

Peter Jones- Scotland yard detective

Mr. Merryweather- City manager and manager of the city bank.

Archie/Duncan Ross/William Morris- John Clays partner in crime.

The clues that helped Holmes solve this puzzle are: The Red Headed League appeared shortly after Jabez hired Spaulding and Spaulding had encouraged Jabez to go through with the league when all the red heads responded to the ad in the paper. The story had began to unravel when Sherlock recognized Spaulding as John Clay and he had foretold the bank robbing and predicted where the criminals would turn up.

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