The Fantasy Genre and the Hero

Fantasy genre: fiction with strange or otherworldly settings or characters; fiction that invites suspension of reality; fiction that depends on magic or the impossible or inexplicable.

Low fantasy (world governed by the laws of this world but inexplicable things occur; this is sometimes called "magical realism") and high fantasy (set in a secondary world of magic and inhabited by supernatural beings or creatures).

Can you think of any examples of low fantasy or high fantasy?

Elements of fantasy fiction: One or more of the following elements are needed for something to be considered a fantasy. Not every element is needed.

1. Magical objects.

2. Imaginary places.

3. Invented languages.

4. Non-human characters.

5. Myths.

Peter Pan is based on Pan, a mythical god that never ages. Peter Pan is based on the myth of an ancient god named Pan. He is forever youthful, wild, and playful—just like Peter. He is also called the “spirit of nature.”

6. A good vs. evil plot line.


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