Martha Joanna Theresa Kurmrie Milner By: Bryan J Lovell

Martha Joanna Theresa Krumrie was born in Minnesota to her German mom, Agnes Krumrie, and her dad John Krumrie. she was born about 1910, and her parents were new Immigrants. People called her Little grandma, because she had a hunched back, due to not having milk as a child

Little grandma was my Great-Great-Grandma, maternal-paternal-paternally

Little grandma was a home maker was a home-maker, she kept a garden, canned her own food, and was the family cook. She made her own clothes and aprons. She would rinse out paper towels to reuse them. Little grandma was a trickster, she would "short-sheet" her kids beds, and sow their pyjama pants legs together.

My Great-Great-Grandma learned English from her kids after they started school, and she never punctuation, nor capitalization, because she was never taught, so it was hard to read her hand writing.

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Bryan Lovell

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