Memory Island bring back your childhood

the seal for my utopia

My vision for my utopia is for their to be no responsibilities there is just a little bit of school/work. For the most part it's just fun, and going back to your childhood.


There are no responsibilities.

There are no electronics/technology except tv's.

The curfew is 10 o'clock, so that there is peace in the community, and everyone gets the required amount of rest.

There is no candy, or any kind of junk food available.

if you break a rule 1 time, you will be warned by parents, second time, authorities warn you, third time, jail for 6 months, fourth time, court decides punishment.

The island is divided into the different things you can do, there is one part for all the houses and others like for recreation.

You are given a subject to major in when you are 13 years old.

You can marry anyone you want to.

You can cut your hair when you are 13.

you can't cut your hair past your shoulders

LOCATION: Canada, because it is very pretty and there is a lot of open land, there is also a lot of snow to go sledding in.


8- wake up and get ready for the day 9- eat breakfast with your family 10-12- school/work depending on your age 1- go home eat lunch and change into play clothes 2-4- free time to play and do anything you want 5- go home wash up do home work. 6-eat dinner with your family and talk about your day. 7-9 watch a movie with your family. 9:30- go to bed.

The type of government I want to have is a democracy, so that everyone have a fair vote in the decisions made in the community, there are no political parties or views.

There is very little school and almost no homework, just fun all day.


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