Zambia Hanna CooKe

Location is the position on earths surface
Zambias relative location is next to dem. Rep. Of the Congo,Angola, Zimbabwe,and Malawi
Lusaka is the capital of Zambia and it is located at 15.3875•S 28.3228•E
Zambia is located on Africa
Victoria Falls is a very interesting landform. It is the largest water fall in the world.
Rainy season is from December-April
Cool season is from May-August
Hot and dry season is September-November
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzia Malawi ,Mozambique,Zimbabwe all border Zambia
Luangwa river is found in Zambia . It is one of the four most important rivers in Zambia.
The theme of place is the physical and human aspect of location

Natural resources in Zambia



Na'wala ceremony is the first fruit of the season.
Ku-Omboka ceremony marks the end of the rain season
Umutomboko Ceremony
Edgar Lungu is the president of Zambia
Human environment interaction is the way people change the environment or the way it changes them.


The black rino, wattle crane, Zambian molerat are an endangered species in zambia
Biodiversity in Zambia is a threat
Climate, language, and history is the region theme
The schools in Zambia have 3 levels of schooling primary, junior, secondary and upper secondary
The total population in Zambia is 14.54 million. The population density is 21.81.
The total area of this country is 290.587mi squared

Capita GPD is 1844.8

The female life expectancy is 65. The male is 59.

The literacy rate is 70.2

Movement is population, immigration,and emigration
Copper is exported from zambia
Gems are also exported from zambia
Machinery is imported to Zambia
Clothing is imported to Zambia
On October 24, 1964 Zambia got there ideoemdence from Great Brittian
In Zambia you have many ways of transportation trains, bicycles, buses, roads

You should visit Zambia because of Victoria Falls it's the largest waterfall in the world! You might be in zambia when they have one if there many traditions and ceremonies and they are very cool and interesting to watch


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