Temperate grass land By:ELLE and JaydeN

Temperate grasslands have a different variety of wild life including bison, antelope, birds, gophers, prairie dogs, coyotes, insects, lynx and fox.

Fires only start in prairies by lightning or human activity also, the grass in prairies usually does not burn easily it can withstand fire, but it will burn but it won't be destroyed.

Trees and shrubs are rarely found in prairies, but there is a lot of grass and including different varieties called purple needle grass, wild oats, foxtail, ryegrass, and buffalo grass.

Popular plants you might find include, asters, blazing stars, goldenrods, sunflower, clovers, and wild indigos.

Prairies can usually get up to 100 degrees and it usually gets about 20 - 35 inches of rain a year. People who live in the prairie use the soil to farm.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Ireland" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Lil' Doggie" • Beatnik Photos - "gopher" • bernswaelz - "prairie dog animal rodent"

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